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Eco Friendly Air Duct has been cleaning, repairing and servicing the great people of Southern California for many years. We are a family owned and operated company that offers a wide array of services at affordable prices. We pride ourselves on our focused customer service and quality carpet care. Call us today for a free quote on our services as well as provide you some eco friendly options.

Often with reduced prices, comes reduced overall quality of products and services. From all of us at Eco Friendly Air Duct we want you to put those concerns to rest. We are able to offer superior service at a price you can afford. That is one aspect that has kept our customers coming back year after year.

We use only the highest quality tools and materials with each and every job. We also employ customer friendly, hard working and dedicated technicians who know what they are doing so you can feel confident when you call on us. We use tried and true cleaning methods as well as new up-and-coming green cleaning options. This world is the only one we have, that is why we work hard to maintain balance for both our customers and our planet by using environmentally safe chemicals and processes.

We can clean it all: Carpets, air ducts, upholstery and even mattresses. We offer an extensive commercial carpet cleaning service as well. It is Eco Friendly Air Ducts mission to help our customers by offering safe, organic and eco-friendly cleaning options. It is this dedication to our customers that makes us an industry leader.

We are so happy that you have taken the first step to a clean and happy carpet by coming to our website. Take a look at what we have to offer and call us today for a free estimate for your home or business!


"I had sos clean my carpets, two area rugs and a sectional couch. They did a nice job overall. The workers were very friendly. The whole job took 4 hours and so far everything looks good. Will definitely have them back and recommend to others. Pricing was fair Time-frame was ok. They were 20 minutes late but called to notify which was nice."

Valerie D.

" Eco Friendly Air Duct really does save your soul. Owning an old dog accidents are always bound to happen. But rather than replacing all my carpet, Sos did an amazing job bringing it back to life. The carpets look better then the day i moved in and any scent of owning a pet is gone. Call them asap if your carpet is in need of saving. 5 out of 5 anytime for these guys."

James V.

"Grateful Customer! I have had problem with sick pets, college kids messes, and other stains and all were taken care of professionally. they use good products especially for stain protection and pets order. Ill would highly recommend Eco Friendly Air Duct to all people I love. Try them and you will see the results."

Einav P